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    "I think we need to pay the Ulavets a vist." stated Pace.
    "Good idea.  I'll bet they have a solution to the Celder." added OM.
    "If not, they will have." Trent added, with a determined tone to his voice.
    They walked for a while with talking.
    "I got you this." Pace said handing Trent a small box.
    Trent opened the box and found a ring.
    "It's the symbol of the ancient Ree made of gravitirium. " Pace stated.

    Trent slid it on his finger and moved it around so as to make bright flashes with the sun.
    "I had one made for you as well." said Trent, handing Pace an identical small box.
    "How did you know?" asked Pace with a suspicious smile.
    Trent just grinned.
    As they made their way back to ship, they did a fist bump making a clicking sound with their new accoutrements.
    "Now all we need is a T-Shirt and cape with this symbol." said Pace with a laugh as she gazed back at Trent. 
    Trent gave a side gaze, "Not a chance."
    "Still..." Pace replied.
    "No." Trent was quick to add.
    Pace kept a grin all the way back to Ship.
    As they approached Ship, they passed a lady wearing a neckless with a glowing blue crystal.
    Trent notified the council of the lady with the neckless and wished them good luck.
    "Ship, let's take a quickest course to the Ulavet, if you will." Pace requested, as she implemented the gelling process.
    Once there, they made their way to the lab complex.
    "Could we speak to someone in management please." Pace said to the attendant at the front desk.
    "Of course.  My I state the nature of your visit?" The attendant asked.
    "We have questions about the Celder project." said Trent.
    The attendant stepped into the office, and returned and said, "This way please." holding the door open.
    "How may I help you?" asked Mr. Idonet with an out stretched hand and a smile.
    "Well, to the point..., we need to kill the Celder." stated Pace.
    "Oh. I see.  Well, those we have supplied so far will die on their own within three to four years.  This new batch has not been paid for, so they will be terminated if payment has not been finalized.  By the way, what is your current position in the matter.  Usually, they send a Celder." said Mr. Idonet.
    "The Celder are ordering more Celder on their own, but they are out of monetary exchange capabilities." said Pace adding, "We are here to end them.  End them wherever they are, and to see to it they are never produced again."
    "I see.  I thought there was something peculiar about the last few orders." Mr. Idonet.
    "They are going through the universe eating beings, alive." said Pace.

    "I had no idea.  They are supposed to be protectors."  said Mr. Idonet," repeating, "I had no idea.  Please, tell me more." he begged.
    Pace gave him a summery explanation.
    "Well, well, well...  Let's go put them down, right now." said Mr. Idonet as he jumped up.
    "How many are there?" asked Trump.
    "Oh, I think the last batch was 500." replied Mr. Idonet, as he rushed to the door.  He told the attendant have a disposal team meet his at the Celder pen.
    They took a transport a few miles to the Celder holding pen.
    "That's a pen?  I was expecting an electric fence."  said Pace.
    "Their beings, of a sort." said Mr. Idonet.
    The Celder holding pen was a large hotel like structure.
    A few minutes later the extermination team arrived.
    "What are they going to kill them with, their bare hands?" asked Trent.
    "Oh no.  They only require virus dispensers." replied Mr. Idonet.
    Trent and Pace slowly turned their heads toward Mr. Idonet.
    "You mean to tell us that you have a virus just for the Celder." said
Pace with an annoying gaze.
    "Oh yes.  All of our creations have their own termination virus.  It's only good business." stated Mr. Idonet.
    The passenger in the termination van stepped out, and handed Mr. Idonet a clipboard with a paper to sign.  She then pointed a small black tube at the Celder pen, and a brief spay was emitted.  She then resumed her position in the van, and it left.
    "We need several hundred of those virus containers." said Pace.
    "I have some bad news." thought OM.  Then added, "There are no Celder in this complex."
    "Our sensors indicate there are no Celder in this complex." stated Trent.
    "What!" shouted Mr. Idonet.
    Trent and Pace both just shook their heads.
    "No matter.  The virus will spread everywhere." said Mr. Idonet.
    "How did they escape your scan?" asked Trent.
    "Oh, I guess it's the shielding we have around the pens to prevent theft.  Sometimes beings don't want to pay." said Mr. Idonet.
    "Then there is a record of when the shielding was turned off, and we can compare that with transport dispatches." stated Pace.
    "Oh, they could not get a transport.  We have several levels of security.  Insurance you see." said Mr. Idonet.
    "Insurance.  Of course." Pace said with a halfhearted chuckle.
    "I have located a large number of Celder.  They are ruffly seven miles to the east." Said voice over the radio.
    Mr. Idonet ordered a disposal team to that location.
    "You said the virus would spread over the hole planet." said Pace.
    "Oh, well, as long as they are concentrated in a small area, why not save time." replied Mr. Idonet.
    "About those several hundred virus canisters.  Then we'll be on our way." stated Pace   
    "Oh, yes of course.  Ah, you do have currency?" asked Mr. Idonet.
    "Yes.  We do.  Several types." stated Trent with note of irritation.
    "OM, we need to plot all possible routes the Celder may have taken from everywhere we have been." Trent thought to OM.
    "I trust you will never make another Celder, or anything like one
ever again." said Pace as they loaded the virus canisters.
    "Oh, you can be assured of that." stated Mr. Idonet.
    "Good.  However, I am leaving a monitor here to insure you, and one else, keeps that in mind." stated Trent.
    Mr. Idonet pulled his head back as a monitor lowered itself to his eye level before it rose out of sight.
    They spent the next year arming probes with the virus and sending them to their appropriate targets.
    "That's that.  I think we need some down time." Pace suggested.  Adding, "Lot's, of down time."
    "Ship! Find us a happy planet." commanded Trent.
    "As you request." Ship replied.
    Pace jelled up, and Trent closed his eyes.