Cree went directly to the pit of embers.
    Clearing his throat, one of the attendants said, "Would you like something to drink?  The meal will not be ready for at least an hour."
    Cree smiled, "Sure.  This time I think a squinter would be wonderful."
    "Well, you sure got their attention.  I wish I had that effect on the males," Semma said.
    Laughing, Cree replied, "Unfortunately, the more attractive you are, the more unwanted attention you get.  There are those times however."
    "Those times?" queried Semma.
    "Yap.  Now and again, you can get a discount on something wonderful," Cree answered with a snickering laugh.
    "When I buy something, they charge me more," Semma answered with a laugh of her own.
    "My, that is one gorgeous sun set.  On Rinthia, it is always overcast," Emerr said.
    There were a lot of yellows, blues, greens, reds, and a glowing pink like phase. 
    "Look in back of us," Cree said without turning around.  She knew from previous experience the horizon on the backside would have a very dark blue skyline with enormous stars twinkling so close together they seem to touch at the edges as the last of the sun's dazzling farewell came to an end.
    "Would you turn me around?" Trent asked.
    The attendant standing next to him obliged.
    "Trent can you tell us what you are sensing?" asked Emerr.
    "Of course.  The colors and aromas seem to be much different when you are part of them then when you are a being sensing them.  I find myself watching myself, and trying to wave at me, or some other type of manipulation of that which I am watching so that I can interface with myself.  
I know that I cannot manipulate anything in that way, but it seems as though I should be able to.  Much like you move an arm, stand up, or turn your head.  Does that make sense," Trent said.
    They looked at each other and nodded. 
    Emerr added, "What he said."
    That brought another round of laughter.
    "I try to understand what it's like from your prospective, but just the part of being in more than one place at a time makes my intellectual capabilities throb," said Semma. 
    "Something like being paralyzed I imagine.  Not being able to move parts of yourself," said Cree.
    "That would be a very good description," Trent said.
    They sat around the pit of burning embers listening to the surf march in a boiling appearance over the sands, and telling jokes involving the devoutly religious, intoxicated animals, and most unlikely situations. 
    "Trent, do you see the hummer in these jokes?" asked Semma.
    "From a non-emotional prospective.  Except the one about the two monkeys and produce entrepreneur with three female offspring," Trent replied.
    "Somehow the humor got lost in the interpretation." said Semma.
    "I think its funnier that way," laughed Emerr.
    Just then an attendant stated that dinner was ready, and began stirring the coals.  A heated disagreement was postponed.
    The attendant lowered a long metal rod with a hook on the end into the glowing embers and began probing for the handles of the large iron pots stuffed with tasty delights.  A klink, a klank, and a grown and the first pot was raised. 
    All eyes were on the pot as it was carried to the table.  The lid was removed and the aroma was almost unbearable. 
    "Could that taste as good as it smells?" asked Emerr.
    "Better." the attendant replied.
    They all gathered around the table as the other pots where brought from the pit.  The main course was a little more difficult, but they managed to place it in the center.
    "Let's eat!" Cree said in a loud and quickly spoken phrase.
    For about 15 minutes not a word was spoken.  There was a lot of happy sounds however.
    "How have I managed to live this long without this kind of cuisine?  Life will not be the same after this," declared Emerr.
    "Why?  Oh, why can't there be hundreds of me?  I could partake of these meals for every minute of every day," Semma exclaimed.
    "This place should be packed with beings from all over the universe," Emerr said.
    If that were allowed to happen, there would be nothing here at all.  This is kept as a special place.  A place just as you are now experiencing it," Cree replied.
    The attendants bowed as to give thanks for Cree statement.
    "Still, can you imagine some place like this a body could go to any time they felt like it.  I would weigh a few thousand pounds," Semma added.
    "Trent!  I was enjoying myself so much I forgot about you.  Is there anything you would like.  A different position, or something?" asked Cree.
    "No thank you.  I am fine.  Remember, we came here so I could experience beings somewhere other then the console room at the grid.  Actually, I am experiencing a lot of really good stuff.  How beings react to new and changing environments as an example," Trent said.
    "Being here is one of an unlimited number of wonderful experiences in the universe.  A war zoon would probably provide you with the exact opposite," Emerr said.
    "There are many active war zones.  Perhaps we could avoid them," Trent said.
    "I thought you were going to say something else," Semma said.
    "Perhaps it would be a really good thing to experience," Emerr added.
    "You could take him," Cree said with a smile.
    "Not a chance.  I suffer from congenital cowardice," Emerr smiled back.